Dakota Series

Dakota Series is a Borderline Exclusive Curb!  All these impressions were custom made right here.  Hundreds of hours have gone into research and development learning how to create these looks.    These are truly unique that you won't find anywhere else.   You will need the skills and techniques from our online training course to be allowed to purchase these.  The Dakota Series isn't offered for sale to anyone but stoners...

Painted Canyon
Short Stack Veneer
Split Stack
Prairie Field stone
Heavy Spainish
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Two brand new looks have been created by Borderline this season!  The first is called Fractured Quartz and the second is Missouri River Flagstone.

Both are amazing textures and are also only sold to stoners who have completed the course.  Because it's so new we don't have many actual pictures on jobsites.  These two textures along with the Dakota Series will be a huge addition to anyone's curbing company.  Let the average curbers in your area use those "old" rollers, they aren't on "Stoner" level...



Missouri river