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This is a free service to all curbing companies regardless of machine color.  There are videos  here with tips and techniques about situations you may run into when curbing among many other things.    We hope these may help you if you are struggling.  

We realize most mfg's really don't care about you after your purchase and when you have questions they don't have answers or refer you to a local curbing company.  Do as I say not as I do.....  Some of the mfg's don't even curb or never have.  Every single person (6) who works at Borderline / Valley Borders has been on a curbing crew and knows what you may be going through.  If you build it you should use it..

If you have additional questions or requests for videos please email us on this site or call 701-751-2705 and talk to someone who curbs...

Upcoming Events

  • Pro-Training May 25-27
    Thu, May 25
    Borderline USA
    Day 1 (job shadow Valley Borders), Day 2 (Basic curb Training), Day 3 (Stoner Training)
  • Borderline Rendezvous '23- June 15-17
    Thu, Jun 15
    The world's only Landscape Curbing Convention. Our 6th annual event held in Bismarck, North Dakota. This is by far the largest gathering of curbing professionals on the planet. You will not find another event like this anywhere.

It's What We do...

Perfect your craft....

Borderline enlists some of the best curbers on the continent to help not only with hands on trainings like this one, but with online classes and private help through facebook groups.  Your never left alone as if one of us can't get back to you there are several other instructors waiting in the wings.  

Curb University -

Curbers helping Curbers.